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26-29 Marcó, 2018

The workshop “COHERENT SUPERCONDUCTING HYBRIDS AND RELATED MATERIALS” is the event in the framework of the COST action CA16218. The workshop, which will take place between the 26-29th of March 2018,  aims at bringing together leading research groups working in the area of quantum superconducting devices which exploit the quantum coherence in superconductivity: finely tuned Josephson junctions and networks, THz emitters and antennas, single particle photon detectors, q-bits etc. 
Special attention will be paid to the theory and modelling of these coherent systems, and we expect that clear recommendations for the experiments will be presented. The workshop is expected to stimulate an active dialogue between experiment, theory, and computational approaches.

- The workshop will take place in Les Arcs 1800 – France, a village easily accessible from Bourg-St Maurice. Researchers from COST project countries as well as scientists from other countries are welcome. Around 60 participants are expected.

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