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Probing Coherent Superconducting Hybrids at the Nanoscale, 17-20 February 2019

Program and schedule

The final schedule and abstract book are now available.

Important dates

  1. February 17th: arrival in Eilat for dinner (around 7 pm).
  2. February 17th-20th: workshop.
  3. February 20th departure (after lunch around 2 pm).

The workshop “Probing Coherent Superconducting Hybrids at the Nanoscale“ is organized in the framework of the COST action CA16218 and will focus on recent advances in local probes for the investigation of nanoscale hybrids.

We will bring together leading research groups in order to stimulate discussions between device developers, experimental techniques for probing quantum coherence in superconducting devices, and theoreticians. The focus will be on local probes, such as scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning SQUID microscopy, local temperature sensors, transport of nanoscale devices, specific heat measures etc. Although the focus will be set on imaging techniques which are able to probe superconductivity at the nanoscale, the workshop is also open to experimental and theoretical works which deal with systems where the superconducting condensate is confined to or interacting with nanoscale domains.

The meeting will take place at the Isrotel Sports club site close to the city of Eilat, in Israel.

We will welcome participants during the afternoon of February 17th . The scientific program will start on the 18th in the morning and continue till February 20th around lunch time.

The Workshop will be open to all related subjects, with focus on the following topic from a local probe point of view.

  1. Unconventional superconductivity and proximity phenomena in multi-band, magnetic, topological and low-dimensional materials.
  2. Josephson junctions and arrays
  3. Superconductor/ferromagnet hybrids.
  4. Coherent phenomena at mesoscopic and nanoscale (including vortex physics).
  5. Novel materials, hybrids, properties.
  6. Challenges in theoretical modelling of coherent superconducting hybrids.
  7. Applications benefiting from quantum coherence of superconducting hybrids.


The final schedule and abstract book are now available.

Invited speakers:

Hen Alpern (Israel)
Nir Bar-Gil (Israel)
Haim Beidenkopf (Israel)
Christopher Bell  (UK)
Alexander Buzdin (France)
Deung-Jang Choi (Spain)
Adrian Crisan (Romania)
Jeroen Custers (Czech Republic)
Yoram Dagam (Israel)
Emanuele dalla Torre (Israel)
Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy (Germany)
Lior Embon (Israel)
Eytan Grosfeld (Israel)
Isabel Guillamón (Spain)
Shay Hacohen-Gourgy (Israel)
Gleb Kakazei (Portugal)
Amit Keren (Israel)
Wolfgang Lang (Austria)
Gerbold, Menard (France)
Milorad, Milosevic (Belgium)
Jan-Michael Mol (Germany)
Eylon Persky (Israel)
Zuzana, Pribulova (Slovakia)
Jonathan Ruhman (Israel)
Alejandro Silhanek (Belgium)
Daniela, Stornaiuolo (Italy)
Hadar Steinberg (Israel)
Hermann Suderow (Spain)
Csonka Szabolcs  (Hungary)
Joris van de Vondel  (Belgium)
Maciej Zgirski (Poland)
Martin Žonda (Germany)

We seek the participation of PhD students and young postdocs that are working on one of the themes of the Action and on other related subjects. All interested participants should submit an application before December 1st 2018 using the form available below.

No registration fee will be raised for participants of the countries included in the COST Action. The COST Action will, in addition, support a limited amount of participants covering travelling, full board and accommodation. To optimize funds, we will communicate the level of support together with abstract acceptance during the first week of December 2018.


Please fill the registration form, download the abstract form and submit it per email to


All participants should make the reservation through our travel agent Ofir Tours (

160 Euro per person/night including full board in single room.

There are two options for paying:

– Payment by bank transfer: The applicable amount should be transferred to Ofir tours IBAN:  IL31-0204-9400-0000-0284-938

– Payment by credit card: You must write an email or call Galit from Ofir tours  (, +972-8-9391050) and indicate full name, institution, arrival and departure dates and give them the details of your credit card (number, expiry date and security code in the back).


Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city. Located on the red sea it combines desertic landscape and unique beaches. The beaches are known for their calm water, snorkeling, diving and their coral beach natural reserve. For people having more time Jordan and the beautiful archeological city of Petra is a drive away.

How to get there

There are two international airports with connections to a few European cities. One is known as J. Hozman airport (ETH) is located in the downtown area and the other known as Ovda (VDA) which is 50 min away from Eilat. A service of shuttle is available and the participant should reserve their tickets separately (

Since these airports are smaller we recommend you talk to our travel agent Ofir Tours ( He is the travel agent which is already in charge of the hotel reservations.

COST Action and History

The last century left us with the conceptual framework to understand and handle macroscopic quantum coherence. Superconductivity is an established form of macroscopic quantum coherence that surprises regularly the scientific community with new discoveries and has already created new markets thanks to the dissipationless transport of electrical current. We can expect a quantum leap in the societal impact of superconductivity during the coming decades through current carrying applications as well as novel quantum technologies.

The objective of this meeting is to train students in quantum materials and provide a bridge between present and future activities of the groups participating in the Action.

Among the previous collaborative projects, where many of the present participants have been involved, there is a series of Actions within the extinguished ESF scheme (Vortex action, Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity-NES, see and more recently the COST Action on nanoscale superconductivity (MP1201, Nanoscale superconductivity: novel functionalities through optimized confinement of condensate and fields). Within these projects a large set of networking activities have been organized (see These have allowed to configure the presently active COST Action NANOCOHYBRI. We aim now at a step forward, using the obtained experience and making an open and proactive approach towards quantum materials and quantum technologies.


Beena Kalisky (Israel)
Yonathan Anahory (Israel)
Scientific committee of the COST Action 

See here.

Grant manager

Irene González Martín (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

For any question, please send send an email to


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