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Quantum materials and devices at the nanoscale 7 – 9 March 2022

Towards manipulation of coherent quantum states

Program and timetable

Full abstract book is available here.

Short program is available here.

Flyer is available here.

Zoom link for the third day (Wednesday March 2022):
ID: 871 2923 7980
Code: 553841

For online registration, please write

We will be there from Monday 7 March at 08h15 in front of the meeting room at the Hotel Princesa Plaza. The meeting room location will be marked with signs located at the left part of the hotel lobby.

To reach the Hotel from the airport, please check the best connection on google maps depending on your arrival schedule. Check the arrival terminal and go from there to Princesa Plaza Madrid, C. de la Princesa, 40, 28008 Madrid, Metro Argüelles. Using public transport (train or subway), the journey takes between 38 to 50 minutes. Using taxi, it takes about 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The taxi fare is fixed to 30 € (fare from the airport to anywhere inside the M-30 road). All information about Madrid at

We will organize a guided walk on the city of Madrid on Tuesday afternoon. Workshop dinner will be at Cafe de Oriente on Tuesday 8th March. Further details will be provided in due course.

Aims and scope

The control over electronic properties at nanoscopic length scales unveils new features in superconductors. These will be key to develop superconducting devices with improved functionalities for computation or for current carrying applications. The workshop aims to gather experts addressing the problem of nanoscale superconductivity from different perspectives. We will discuss the most pressing problems in basic superconductivity, with a focus on phenomena that occur at the nanoscale, either at tunneling barriers, interfaces, pinning centers, inhomogeneities, reduced dimensionality nanowires or two-dimensional layers and address recent advances in superconducting devices close to applications.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Iron based and cuprate superconductivity
  • Superconductivity in two dimensional materials
  • Current carrying applications
  • Josephson junction devices
  • High frequency detectors and resonators
  • Proximity induced superconductivity in semiconducting nanowires and related devices
  • SQUID technology
  • Hybrid superconducting devices
  • Interface superconductivity
  • Devices for quantum computation
  • Electronic correlations

The meeting will be held on a hybrid format.

Meeting will start on Monday 07 March at 09h00 and will end on Wednesday 09 March at 16h30.


Princesa Hotel.

Hotel reservation is to be organized by each participant. Participants will cover the hotel expenses by themselves. In case of reimbursal by COST, the usual conditions will apply. The hotel reservation should be made through this form which needs to be sent directly to the hotel by each participant as soon as possible. When sending the form, please put in cc. The reservation will include separate prizes for each day, including full board on Monday 07, and half board on Tuesday 08 and Wednesday 09 March.

There will be a conference dinner offered by the organization on Tuesday 8 March. Coffee breaks will be also covered by the organization.

Local participants not spending nights at the hotel should write separately to before 1 March 2022.

Participants with accompanying persons please contact asap

IMPORTANT TRAVEL INFORMATION. REMEMBER THAT IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK YOURSELF REGULARLY FOR CHANGES IN THE REGULATIONS AND TO TAKE ALL NEEDED PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES (travel and cancellation insurance, etc). Information and requirements for travelling to Spain is available here. The hotel will charge you one night in case of cancellation after 4th March, even if the cancellation is due to COVID. Please take this into account when organizing your cancellation insurance.

Registration and Abstract

Please download the Abstract and Registration-form and submit it per email to

For attendants without presentation (online or in person), please send and email to expressing your interest to participate asap. All participants should be registered in e-cost and should have been invited using the e-cost system.

No registration fee will be raised. The COST Action will generically cover stay, as far as possible, and might offer, if funds allow for it, further needed support for selected in-person participants, following the COST excelence and inclusiveness policy. For more information, please email


Organizing committee
Bending, Simon
Csonka, Szablocs
Guillamón, Isabel
Herrera, Edwin
Palau, Anna
Puig, Teresa
Rodrigo, Jose Gabriel
Tafuri, Francesco
Stornaioulo, Daniela
Suderow, Hermann

Scientific Advisory Committee
Aarts, Jan
Anahory, Yonathan
Babaev, Egor
Badica, Petre
Barbiellini, Bernardo
Bell, Christopher
Black-Schaffer, Annica
Blamire, Mark
Blatter, Gianni
Burnell, Gavin
Buzdin, Alexandre
Crisan, Adrian
Custers, Jeroen
Dimitrov, Dimitre
Dobrovolskiy, Oleksandr
Ertekin, Ercan
Fomin, Vladimir
Gencer, Ali
Georgieva, Milena
Georgios, Sirakoulis
Grivel, Jean-Claude
Hakonen, Pertti
Hassanien, Abdou
Hassel, Juha
İbrahim, Belenli
Ivanovic, Krsto
Kabanov, Viktor
Kakazei, Gleb
Kalisky, Beena
Koelle, Dieter
Lang, Wolfgang
Lazarević, Nenad
Leridon, Brigitte
Li, Chuan
Lombardi, Floriana
Maggio-Aprile, Ivan
Milosevic, Milorad
Mirković, Jovan
Mishonov, Todor
Moschopoulou, Εvangelia
Novotný, Tomáš
Ostaszewski, Ryszard
Paladi, Florentin
Pedarnig, ‪Johannes D.
Pešić, Jelena
Petrisor, Traian
Popović, Zorica
Pribulová, Zuzana
Robinson, Jason
Roditchev, Dimitri
Safran, Serap
Samuely, Peter
Samuely, Tomáš
Sevik, Cem
Silhanek, Alejandro V.
Sobolewski, Roman
Sørensen, Mads Peter
Stern, Raivo
Tsindlekht, Menachem I.
Van de Vondel, Joris
Villegas, Javier E.
Zaleski, Andrzej Janusz
Zinner, Nikolaj Thomas

Local organizing committee

 Marta Fernández-Lomana
Jose Antonio Moreno
Raquel Sánchez-Barquilla
Irene González Martín

Grant Manager
Irene González Martín

About the picture above

The statue of King Philip IV is a masterpiece of balance, a difficult composition made by Pietro Tacca, who based his work on a design by Velázquez. Galileo Galilei acted as a scientific advisor, providing the calculations to achieve this difficult position. Credit: wikipedia.

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