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Doping-dependent competition between superconductivity and polycrystalline charge density waves

Authors: Sergio Caprara, Marco Grilli, José Lorenzana, Brigitte Leridon

SciPost Phys. 8, 003 (2020) · published 8 January 2020

Abstract: From systematic analysis of the high pulsed magnetic field resistance data of La2−xSrxCuO4 thin films, we extract an experimental phase diagram for several doping values ranging from the very underdoped to the very overdoped regimes. Our analysis highlights a competition between charge density waves and superconductivity which is ubiquitous between x=0.08 and x=0.19 and produces the previously observed double step transition. When suppressed by a strong magnetic field, superconductivity is resilient for two specific doping ranges centered around respectively x≈0.09 and x≈0.19 and the characteristic temperature for the onset of the competing charge density wave phase is found to vanish above x=0.19. At x=1/8 the two phases are found to coexist exactly at zero magnetic field.


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