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Enhancement of the optomechanical coupling and Kerr nonlinearity using the Josephson capacitance of a Cooper-pair box

Authors: Juuso Manninen, Mohammad Tasnimul Haque, David Vitali, and Pertti Hakonen

Phys. Rev. B 105, 144508 – Published 25 April 2022

Abstract: We propose a scheme for enhancing the optomechanical coupling between microwave and mechanical resonators by up to seven orders of magnitude to the ultrastrong coupling limit in a circuit optomechanical setting. The tripartite system considered here consists of a Josephson junction Cooper-pair box that mediates the coupling between the microwave cavity and the mechanical resonator. The optomechanical coupling can be modified by tuning the gate charge and the magnetic flux bias of the Cooper-pair box which in turn affect the Josephson capacitance of the Cooper-pair box. We additionally show that with a suitable choice of tuning parameters, the optomechanical coupling vanishes and the system purely exhibits a cross-Kerr type of nonlinearity between the cavity and the mechanical resonator. This allows the system to be used for phonon counting.


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