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Huge linear magnetoresistance due to open orbits in γ − PtBi 2

Authors: Beilun Wu, Víctor Barrena, Hermann Suderow, and Isabel Guillamón

Phys. Rev. Research 2, 022042(R) 

Abstract: Some single-crystalline materials present an electrical resistivity which decreases between room temperature and low temperatures at zero magnetic field as in a good metal and switches to a nearly semiconductinglike behavior at low temperatures with the application of a magnetic field. Often, this is accompanied by a huge and nonsaturating linear magnetoresistance which remains difficult to explain. Here, we present a systematic study of the magnetoresistance in single-crystal γPtBi2. We observe that the angle between the magnetic field and the crystalline c axis fundamentally changes the magnetoresistance, going from a saturating to a nonsaturating magnetic-field dependence. In between, there is one specific angle where the magnetoresistance is perfectly linear with the magnetic field. We show that the linear dependence of the nonsaturating magnetoresistance is due to the formation of open orbits in the Fermi surface of γPtBi2.


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