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Inkjet Printing Multideposited YBCO on CGO/LMO/MgO/Y2O3/Al2 O3/Hastelloy Tape for 2G-Coated Conductors

Authors: Valentina Roxana Vlad , Elena Bartolome, Marta Vilardell, Albert Calleja, Alexander Meledin, Xavier Obradors, Teresa Puig, Susagna Ricart , Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Alexander Usoskin , Sergey Lee, Valery Petrykin,
and Alexander Molodyk

 IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Volume: 28 , Issue: 4 , June 2018

Abstract: We present the preparation of a new architecture of coated conductor by Inkjet printing of low fluorine YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-x (YBCO) on top of SuperOx tape: CGO/LMO/IBAD-MgO/Y 2 O 3 /Al 2 O 3 /Hastelloy. A five-layered multideposited, 475-nm-thick YBCO film was structurally and magnetically characterized. A good texture was achieved using this combination of buffer layers, requiring only a 30-nm-thin ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD)MgO layer. The LF-YBCO CC reaches self-field critical current density values of J c GB ~ 15.9 MA/cm 2 (5 K), ~1.23 MA/cm 2 (77 K) corresponding to an I c (77 K) = 58.4 A/cm-width. Inkjet printing offers a flexible and cost effective method for YBCO deposition, allowing patterning of structures.


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