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College De France, Nanocohybri Meeting

Low dimensional superconducting hybrids for novel quantum functionalities 12 – 14 October 2021

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Online contributions are with light yellow background.

Aims and scope

Magnetism and superconductivity have been considered mutually excluding phenomena for a long time. However, the recent availability of combinations of magnetic and superconducting properties in hybrid systems has unveiled radically different emergent properties. These are changing the way we look on superconductors, with the creation of novel p-junctions in Josephson devices, the observation of vortex lattices in magnetic superconductors or the identification of topological properties at surfaces or interfaces of a few topical systems. The recent addition of ferroelectricity brings an additional twist. To advance in the field, we need to bring together leading scientists and young researchers and stimulate an active dialogue encompassing experiment, computational approaches, and theory. The workshop will accomplish this main goal, and, in addition, include scientists of other areas that could bring new input to identify the next step forward.

 Special attention will be paid to the following subjects:

  • Novel superconducting materials and heterostructures
  • Topological and interface superconductivity
  • Triplet superconductivity in hybrid nanostructures
  • Josephson junctions, photon detectors and bolometers
  • Vortices in meso- and nanoscale systems and methods of their visualization
  • Novel magnetic superconductors
  • New systems for improving control of quantum circuits 

The meeting will be held on a hybrid format. The program will consist of invited 20+5 talks and one poster session. A tentative schedule is given below. We will soon communicate more details to participants.

Registration is closed for in person participation.
For online attendance please write

All registered participants should have received an invitation email from e-cost. If you did not receive that email, please contact asap


The links to the sessions are (please copy paste into your browser). We will use the waiting room. Thus, if you wish to attend, please send us a brief email to

12 October 2021
ID: 863 0663 6838
Access code: 178512
13 October 2021
ID: 832 8987 8802
Access code: 847602
14 October 2021
ID: 825 5347 1175
Access code: 661426

Tentative schedule

Lunch will not be given at the meeting place. There are however plenty of small restaurants close to the meeting place and enough time to walk around Paris at lunch time. Please take a look here. Lunches are not covered, but eligible participants can ask for support from COST Action nanocohybri (more details at

There will be one conference dinner on Wednesday 13 at 20h00. Coffee breaks and conference dinner are covered to participants by the organization.

Invited speakers

Arutyunov, Konstantin, HSE University, Russia
Bell, Chris, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Bending, Simon, Bath University, United Kingdom
Bergeal, Nicolas, ESPCI, France
Bergeret, Sebastian. CSIC/DIPC, Spain*
Di Bernardo, Angelo. University of Konstanz, Germany*
Dobrovolskiy, Oleksander. University of Wien, Austria*
Fomin, Vladimir, IFW Dresden, Germany
Frolov, Sergey. University of Pittsburgh, USA*
Frydman, Aviad. Bar Ilan, Israel*
Goldobin, Edward, University of Tübingen, Germany*
Houzet, Manuel. CEA Grenoble, France*
Kakeya, Itsuhiro. Kyoto University, Japan
Komori, Sachio. Nagoya University, Japan
Kumar, Manohar. Aalto, Finland*
Lang, Wolfgang. University of Wien, Austria*
Levy Yeyati, Alfredo. UAM, Spain*
Linder, Jacob. NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Madhavan, Vidya. Illinois University, USA*
Maggio-Aprile, Ivan. Geneva, Switzerlan*
Marrache, Claire, Paris Saclay
Melnikov, Alexander. University N. Novgorod, Russia
Menard, Gerbold. CQD Copenhagen and ESPCI-Paris, France*
Pascual, Jose Ignacio. Nanogune, Spain*
Perconte, David. Institut Neel, France*
Persky, Eylon. Bar Ilan, Israel*
Pothier, Huges. Quantronics/CEA, France*
Robinson, Jason. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom*
Salluzzo, Marco. CNR-SPIN, Naples, Italy*
Santamaría, Jacobo. UCM, Spain*
Silaev, Mike. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland*
Silhanek, Alejandro V. University Louvaine, Belgium*
Stornaiuolo, Daniela. University of Naples, Italy*
Szabó, Pavol. SAS, Slovakia*
Trabaldo, Edoardo. Chalmers University, Sweden*
Valentí, Roser. Frankfurt University, Germany
van de Vondel, Joris. KU Leuven, Belgium*
Varlamov, Andrey. University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy*
Wiebe, Jens. University of Hamburg, Germany
Winkelmann, Clemens. Institut Neel, France*
Yang, Bohm-Jung. Seoul National University, Korea*
Zyuzin, Alexander. Aalto University, Finland
* in person participant

Venue: Paris, College de France

“Paris is well worth a mass”, said Henri IV

The workshop will be held in the historical building of College de France (founded in 1530 by François I), at the heart of the Latin Quarter, near Sorbonne and Panthéon. Please see here on google maps.

Each participant is responsible to find a convenient accomodation. We believe that this should be feasible in Paris. However, should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at A list of hotels is provided here, ListofHotels.

The COST Action nanocohybri will provide support for accomodation following the usual procedures of COST. This implies that you should be registered in e-cost and should have been invited using the e-cost system to be able to claim support. Please write to with any questions. In any event, the in-person participation requires on time registration, so that we can make a reasonable prediction of attendance.

Session 11 will be held at ESPCI. More details will be provided later.

All the other sessions (1-10) will be held at College de France.

You will need a health pass to access the meeting and wear a mask at all times during the sessions, also the speakers. Except during the coffee break, which will be in a ventilated room. For all information on health pass and other measures, visit

Organizing and Advisory Committee

Alexander Buzdin
Çağlar Girit
Dimitri Roditchev
Hermann Suderow
Javier Villegas

Scientific Advisory Committee
Aarts, Jan
Guillamón, Isabel
Iavarone, María
Kalisky, Beena
Changyoung Kim
Hakonnen, Pertti
Kölle, Dieter
Lang, Wolfgang
Leridon, Brigitte
Maggio Aprile, Ivan
Melnikov, Alexander
Mirkovic, Jovan
Ortiz, Wilson
Pascual, Jose Ignacio
Robinson, Jason
Silhanek, Alejandro
Stornaiuolo, Daniela
Valenti, Roser
Wen, Hai Hu
Yoshishiko, Takano
and the COST Action management committee

Grant manager
Irene González Martín

Registration and Abstract

Please download the Registration and abstract form and submit it per email to

For only online attendants (no poster nor oral presentation), please send and email to expressing your interest to participate online.

No registration fee will be raised. The COST Action will offer support for selected in-person participants. For more information, email

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