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Magnetic Recording of Superconducting States

Authors: Gorky Shaw, Sylvain Blanco Alvarez, Jérémy Brisbois, Loïc Burger, Lincoln B. L. G. Pinheiro , Roman B. G. Kramer, Maycon Motta, Karl Fleury-Frenette, Wilson Aires Ortiz, Benoît Vanderheyden and Alejandro V. Silhanek 

Metals 2019, 9, 1022

Abstract: Localpolarizationofmagneticmaterialshasbecomeawell-knownandwidelyusedmethod forstoringbinaryinformation. Numerousapplicationsinourdailylifesuchascreditcards,computer hard drives, and the popular magnetic drawing board toy, rely on this principle. In this work, we review the recent advances on the magnetic recording of inhomogeneous magnetic landscapes produced by superconducting films. We summarize the current compelling experimental evidence showing that magnetic recording can be applied for imprinting in a soft magnetic layer the flux trajectory taking place in a superconducting layer at cryogenic temperatures. This approach enables the ex-situ observation at room temperature of the imprinted magnetic flux landscape obtained below the critical temperature of the superconducting state. The undeniable appeal of the proposed technique lies in its simplicity and the potential to improve the spatial resolution, possibly down to the scale of a few vortices.


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