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Post-doctoral position in experimental condensed matter physics at the CNR-SPIN Institute, Napoli, Italy

The CNR-SPIN Institute is looking for motivated candidates for a two-years post-doc position within a recently approved Italian National MIUR project on novel quantum materials based on transition metals.

The activities foreseen include ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) STM/AFM, XPS, UPS and Transport characterizations of quantum phenomena in novel two-dimensional materials with theoretical predicted high temperature superconductivity and unconventional magnetism. The main focus is on epitaxially grown 2D monolayers and novel 2D-layered superconductors, realized within the collaboration including groups from Milan, Rome, Parma and Bologna.

The experimental activity will benefit from the availability of the advanced Modular Facility for Oxide Deposition and Analysis (MODA) at the CNR-SPIN Institute in Naples, which is located at the Department of Physics of the University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy, under the Supervision of Dr. Marco Salluzzo.

The potential candidate is expected to have completed his/her phd in condensed matter physics (need of having the official degree) or related disciplines, and to have experience in one or more of the following
1) General experience in ultra-high Vacuum (required).
2) Experience on Lab-based X-ray photoemission spectroscopy.
3) Experience on scanning probe microscopy (in particular in UHV).
4) Background in condensed matter physics and in particular superconductivity.
5) Experience in transport characterizations at low temperatures, and general experience in cryogenic
experimental systems, including wet-LHE systems.
6) Experience in x-ray spectroscopies at synchrotron radiation facilities.

The candidates will have the chance to work in a stimulating academic environment and will have the possibility of frequent exchange with the several Italian and EU-partners, among the most active groups in EU and outside EU in the field of superconductivity and 2D-materials.

The applicants can contact Dr. Marco Salluzzo ( for more
info. The start of the post-doc activity is foreseen before summer 2022.

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