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Quantum Design PPMS /SQUID

Brief description of equipment

Measurement of electric and magnetic properties of superconductors under specific conditions of external magnetic field and temperature.

SQUID (0-7T, 2-400K)
In plane and out of plane magnetic measurements in DC and RSO modes

PPMS (0-9T, 2-400K)
Resistivity measurements DC or AC current
AC Transport (IV characteristics, Hall effect)
AC susteptometer, VSM magnetometer)
External Sourcemeter Keihley
Sample rotator for electrical measurement

Contact person(s)
Anna Palau

Insitut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)

Related publications

Disentangling vortex pinning landscape in chemical solution deposited superconducting YBCO films and nanocomposites, SUST, 31, 034004 (2018)

Vortex Lattice Instabilities in YBCO nanowires, Materials, 11, 211 (2018)

Competition between Superconductor Ferromagnetic stray magnetic fields in YBCO films pierced with Co nano-rods, Scientific Reports, 17, 5663 (2017)


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