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Ultra-fast vortex motion in a direct-write Nb-C superconductor

Authors: O. V. Dobrovolskiy, D. Yu Vodolazov, F. Porrati, R. Sachser, V. M. Bevz, M. Yu Mikhailov, A. V. Chumak & M. Huth 

Nature Communications (2020) 11:3291

Abstract: The ultra-fast dynamics of superconducting vortices harbors rich physics generic to nonequilibrium collective systems. The phenomenon of flux-flow instability (FFI), however, prevents its exploration and sets  ractical limits for the use of vortices in various applications. To suppress the FFI, a superconductor should exhibit a rarely achieved combination of  properties: weak volume pinning, close-to-depairing critical current, and fast heat removal from heated electrons. Here, we demonstrate experimentally ultra-fast vortex motion at velocities of 10–15 km s−1 in a directly written Nb-C superconductor with a close-to-perfect edge barrier. The spatial evolution of the FFI is described using the edge-controlled FFI model, implying a chain of FFI nucleation points along the sample edge and their development into self-organized Josephson-like junctions (vortex rivers). In addition, our results offer insights into the applicability of widely used FFI models and suggest Nb-C to be a good candidate material for fast single-photon detectors.


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