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ITC Conference Grant of Michal Babij in the MRM2019, Yokohama (Japan)

The ITC Conference Grant, concerned participation at the MATERIALS RESEARCH MEETING 2019, Materials Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals, Yokohama, Japan, 10-14.12.2019, had few main goals, among others:

  • Presentation of our latest results in a form of an invited oral speech entitled “EuFeAs2 a 112 type Iron pnictide: Novel Family of Magnetic Superconductors” during “Advanced Electronic Materials” cluster in section “Science and Technology of Superconductivity”
  • Scientific exchange in a form of share of knowledge held during the lectures, poster sessions and  on the margins.
  • Establishing new scientific cooperation and maintaining existing ones in particular with the team of prof. Y. Takano from National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS), Tsukuba.

I strongly believe that my participation in MRM 2019, apart from my personal development, benefited also superconducting research field in my home institute. This conference gave us the chance to meet in person the experts in material sciences, consult personally the ideas and review the opinions about the closest future in our research field. I believe that the talk given by me stimulated discussion and brought new ideas for applications of the discovered superconducting materials.


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