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Nanoengineered Superconductors – NES21 Young Investigator’s online workshop, May 10-12, 2021

The workshop aims to bring together experts and younger investigators on nanoengineered superconductors and vortex matter. The focus will be on charge and flux dynamics on the micro- and nanoscale, magneto-transport properties of superconductors, as well as their applications in magnetic-field sensing, single-photon detection, and hybrid quantum circuits.

Workshop topics include:

  • Vortex dynamics and fluxonic devices
  • Vortex imaging and vortex phase diagrams
  • Vortices in meso- and nanoscale systems
  • Vortex pinning and its applications
  • Josephson phenomena and weak links
  • SQUIDs, their fabrication and applications
  • Superconducting single-photon detectors
  • Superconducting and hybrid quantum circuits
  • Topological, 2D and interface superconductivity
  • Novel superconducting materials and heterostructures
  • Novel fabrication techniques for superconductors

A few introductory talks of tutorial character are planned in the beginning of topical sessions.

Further information on the workshop and details on the submission of abstracts will be available soon at the website:

Further information on the workshop organization can be found here: 

Grant manager and practica support: Irene Gonzalez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

The contact email is:

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