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STSM of Cem Sevik at the Department of Physics & NANOlab Center of Excellence at Antwerp University: Computational Characterization of Superconducting Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials

The STSM proposal was developed to shed light on the superconducting properties of two-dimensional materials. The work that started with this STSM opportunity has become a long-term collaboration between two groups. Several different two-dimensional materials such as MXenes, MBenes, and Electrenes have been investigated. Two articles have been published (“First-principles exploration of superconductivity in MXenes”, Nanoscale 12 17354 2020 and “High-temperature multigap superconductivity in two-dimensional metal borides, Phys. Rev. Matt.  6, 024803 2022“) as a result of this fruitfully collaboration. We are currently working on two more. The visit leads us to clear out the ideas about the subject and gave opportunity us to discuss more future directions in the research field

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