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STSM of Edwin Herrera Vasco at Universiad Central and Universidad de los Andes (Colombia): Local characterization of the vortex state in layered superconductors under tilted magnetic fields

The main aim of the proposal was to discuss the results about the tilted vortex lattice in high-Tc superconductors which lead to the publication titled “Attractive interaction between superconducting vortices in tilted magnetic fields” in Communications Physics 2, 31 1-7 (2019). Furthermore, we have synthesized and characterized uniaxial superconductors in Bogotá; with the aim to measure these in Madrid later on. We have been also working in thinning down these uniaxial superconductors, with the aim to make heterostrutures focusing in study their properties close to the single unit cell size. We focused on TaS2 and MoS2. The main result of the visit is that we got indeed very thin samples, of a few tens of monolayers by mechanical exfoliation.

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