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STSM of Timo Ziegler at the Poggio Lab in Basel: Scientific knowledge exchange regarding the construction and operation of a Scanning SQUID Microscope

The purpose of this STSM was the exchange of expertise between the research groups in Tübingen and Basel and to further strengthen our already existing collaboration. The research group of Martino Poggio at the University of Basel has a very strong expertise in low-temperature scanning probe microscopy, including ultrasensitive torque magnetometry and scanning SQUID microscopy (SSM) based on the recently invented “SQUID-on-tip” (SOT).

The group in Basel has three SSM systems in operation, and during his stay there, Timo Ziegler, a PhD student from the University of Tübingen, wanted to get acquainted in detail with all relevant aspects of these microscopes. This includes SOT fabrication technology, mechanical setups (including e.g. sample/sensor mounting, vibration damping and temperature control of sensors and samples), electronic hardware and software controlled data acquisition.

This STSM was a success. During his stay, Timo received hands on training in the operation of a SOT microscope setup and was able to participate in the fabrication of a SOT. Moreover, Timo had detailed discussions and exchange of knowledge, in particular on the development of appropriate scanning software


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