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STSM STSM of Božidar Šoškić at the University of Antwerp (Belgium): Superconductivity in doped B12 bilayer borophene

The purpose of the STSM was that the doctoral candidate Božidar Šoškić from the University of Montenegro study, at the University of Antwerp, in Prof. Milorad Milosevic’s Condensed Matter Theory (CMT) group, department of Physics, Antwerpen, Belgium, the structural, electronic and superconducting properties of B12 bilayer borophene intercalcated by various adatoms using first-principles calculations. Although AA stacked van der Waals bilayer B12 borophene is unstable, which is demonstrated by the obvious imaginary frequencies in phonon dispersion, by doping it with various adatoms like Li, Ca and Sc all phonon modes became positive, indicating great thermodynamic stability of such systems. This work can be interesting for the possible use in nano-superconducting devices, which would make a large contribution to the development of boron-related material science

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