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Joint workshop between MOLSPIN and NANOCOHYBRI – Superconductivity meets Molecular Spins – 20-22 March 2019

The program and book of abstracts is available here.

Introduction and aim of the workshop:

The meeting explores synergies between materials based on artificial magnetic molecules and superconductivity. It aims at boosting discussions on diverse topics that include novel material design and preparation, as well as advances in the characterization of systems encompassing the smallest length and time scales, in resolving electronic as well as magnetic signals, in controlling the vector of the magnetic field, in precisely measuring interactions between magnetic bound states and Cooper pairs, in addressing collective magnetic excitations such as the Kondo effect and in observing and manipulating single molecular entities and measuring their properties. It also covers proposals of hybrid devices involving magnetic and superconducting materials and their application in diverse fields, including sensing, electronics, spintronics and quantum technologies.

MOLSPIN addresses the need to integrate molecule-based materials as well as single molecules into functional devices. Starting from isolated results in the field such as studies of electrical transport on individual molecules the Action aims at moving towards the next step by understanding spin-dependent phenomena when a molecular system is combined with another system and application of this understanding to design new devices. For the success of MOLSPIN, it is important to achieve a breakthrough in tailoring and manipulating the spin of molecular systems by using new experimental methods to engineer and read-out the spin at the smallest scale.

NANOCOHYBRI addresses the need to improve quantum coherent interactions with superconductors. Recent results show the potential of controlling superconductivity with spin systems, thanks to the development of techniques able to sense magnetic systems embedded in superconductors down to atomic scale. For the success of NANOCOHYBRI it is important to achieve a breakthrough in understanding quantum interactions between superconductors and magnetic systems by using state of the art materials and substrates that can be integrated with a superconductor into devices.

Bringing together the two communities of molecular spin systems and superconductors into a single meeting bears the potential for significant advances in the objectives of both, NANOCOHYBRI and MOLSPIN Actions.

Program of the workshop:

Welcome reception on 20th afternoon, departure 22nd late afternoon.

The meeting will consist of tutorial and invited talks, as well as flash-oral and poster presentations. We will devote ample time to questions and open discussion.

Invited speakers (not exhaustive):

Ast, Christian (Stuttgart)
Baldoví, José Jaime (Hamburg)
Bogani, Lapo (Oxford)
Burzuri, Enrique (Madrid)
Calleja, Fabian (Madrid)
Carretta, Stefano (Parma)
Errea, Ion (San Sebastian)
Etzkorn, Markus (Stuttgart)
Kölle, Dieter (Tübingen)
Levy Yeyati, Alfredo (Madrid)
Liljeroth, Peter (Aalto)
Loth, Sebastian (Stuttgart)
Majer, Johannes (Vienna)
Martínez Pérez, María José (Zaragoza)
Moutinho, Joao (Lisbon)
Paltiel, Yossi (Jerusalem)
Pascual, José Ignacio (San Sebastian)
Pons, Stephane (Paris)
Schlikum, Uta (Stuttgart)
Schulz, Fabian (Zürich)
Slageren, Joris van (Stuttgart)
Visser, de Anne (Amsterdam)
Tafuri, Francesco (Naples)
Zant, Herre van der (Delft)
Zueco, David (Zaragoza)

Tentative schedule is available here.

Organizing Committee. Manuel Almeida, Laura C. J. Pereira, Fernando Luis, Floriana Lombardi, Francesco Tafuri, Hermann Suderow and Eugenio Coronado. You can contact us at this email.

Scientific Committee. The MC members of both Actions.

Grant managers. Irene González and Estrella Vives with the help of Patricia Russo.

Venue. The Workshop will take place in Lisbon at VIP Executive Art´s Hotel

Avenida D. João II, nº 47
1998-028 Lisboa – Portugal
Tele: +351 210 020 400

This Hotel is strategically placed in Lisbon’s modern area “Parque das Nações”, easily connected to the nearby airport by underground (“Oriente” Station, 3 stops from the Airport) as well as to the city center. This Hotel offers a limited number of rooms at special prices. A range of alternative Hotels can be found within walking distance.

Alternative hotels

IBIS Hotel: (300m, 4 min walking)

Tryp Hotel: (450m, 5min walking)

Tivoli Hotel: (750m, 10 min walking)

Olissipo Hotel: (950m, 12 min walking)


This meeting is limited to 60 attendees. For this reason, participation is by invitation only. Expressions of interest, accompanied by a short abstract (download template here) must be sent to (email) before 15 February 2019 (extended to 21 February 2019). From those received, the scientific committee will select those that will be invited to contribute, either as a flash-oral talk or as a poster. Expenses of all attendees will be covered by funds from the MOLSPIN and NANOCOHYBRI actions, following COST rules (see here). Accordingly, participants will pay in advance for travel and hotel costs (all arranged by participants by contacting to the hotel themselves), plus a flat rate fee of 20€/meal (A maximum of up to two meals per day are eligible) and which will be reimbursed later. The maximum amount to be reimbursed per participant is of 800€. All accepted participants must register as soon as possible in the e-COST system and proceed to make expenses only after receiving the e-cost invitation letter.

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