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School on quantum materials and workshop on vortex behavior in unconventional superconductors, 7-12 October, 2018

The videos of this event are available at

Program and schedule

The meeting will start soon, the program is available here and the book of abstracts, including relevant information is here. The talks by the trainers of the school are here:

Annica Black Schaffer (Uppsala) Black_Schaffer.
Paul C. Canfield (Ames) Canfield_1 and Canfield_2.
Pol Forn (Barcelona) Forn_1 and Forn_2.
Konstantin Guslienko (San Sebastián). Gusliyenko_1 and Gusliyenko_2.
Dieter Kölle (Tübingen). Koelle_1 and Koelle_2.
Victor Moshchalkov (Leuven).
Andras Palyi (Budapest). Palyi_1 and Palyi_2
Dimitri Roditchev (Paris).Roditchev_1 Roditchev_2
Francesco Tafuri (Naples)Tafuri_1Tafuri_2,  Tafuri_3Tafuri_4Tafuri_5Tafuri_6  and Tafuri_7.
Leandro Tosi (Paris). Tosi
Roser Valentí (Frankfurt).

The talk about A.A. Abrikosov by A. Varlamov is at Varlamov_Abrikosov.

A School on quantum materials and accompanying workshop on vortex behavior in unconventional superconductors (WG1 and WG3) will be organized within the framework of the COST Action “Nanoscale coherent quantum hybrid devices for superconducting quantum technologies”.

The meeting will take place at the “bom jesus” site close to the city of Braga, in Portugal ( from the 8th to 12th October 2018.

We will welcome participants during the afternoon of the 7th of October . The scientific program will start on the 8th in the morning and continue till the 12th of October around lunch time. We plan to make a trip to the city of Porto on Wednesday 10th in the afternoon.

We seek participation of PhD students and young postdocs that are working on one of the themes of the Action and on other related subjects. All interested participants should submit an application before 29th June 2018 using the form available below.

No registration fee will be raised for participants of the countries included in the COST Action. The COST Action will, in addition, support a limited amount of participants covering travelling, full board and accommodation. To optimize funds, we will communicate the level of support together with abstract acceptance during the first week of July 2018.

Themes of the School:

  • Design and characterization of quantum materials.
  • Strong correlations in quantum materials.
  • Quantum transport and SQUID technologies.
  • Topological properties of quantum materials.
  • Quantum computation.

The Workshop will be open to all related subjects, with focus on:

  • 2D materials.
  • Proximity devices.
  • Interface superconductivity.
  • Vortex behavior in thin films.
  • Vortex pinning in d-wave superconductors.
  • Unconventional and topological superconductors.
  • Superconducting sensors and devices.

We will soon announce the list of lecturers of the school and of invited speakers for the workshop.



Annica Black-Schaffer (Uppsala).
Paul C. Canfield (Ames).
Pol Forn (Barcelona).
Jose Augusto Galvis (Bogotá)
Konstantin Guslienko (San Sebastián).
Dieter Kölle (Tübingen).
Victor Moshchalkov (Leuven)
Andras Palyi (Budapest).
Dimitri Roditchev (Paris).
Francesco Tafuri (Naples).
Leandro Tosi (Paris).
Roser Valentí (Frankfurt).

Invited speakers:

Szabolcs Csonka
Anna Palau
Roberta Caruso
Jorge Cayao
Edwin Herrera
Masaru Kato
Kazuo Kadowaki
Joseph Lombardo
Ilaria Maccari
Samuel Mañas
Davide Massaroti
Antti Moilanen
Ritika Panghotra
Miguel Angel Ramos
Raquel Ribeiro
Antoine Rochet
Victor Rollano
Tsuyoshi Tamegai
Dan Trainer
Lan Maria Tran
Valerii Vinokour
Alexander Zyuzin

Schedule. We expect the workshop to end early Friday afternoon and will organize buses from and to Braga bus station. Braga bus station can be conveniently reached using this service.


Please download the registration form and submit it per email to

Please download the abstract form and submit it per email to

Scientists and students from non-COST countries can also participate in the workshop by paying a registration fee of 200 €. Registration fee includes session attendance, abstract book, excursion and special dinner on Wednesday. Registration fee should be transferred to the following account:

Account holder: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Branch name: UAM/Cantoblanco
Address: Plaza Mayor, Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid
Account number: 0049-6704-58- 2910002485
IBAN: ES34-0049-6704-58- 2910002485
VAT number of Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (if needed for bank transfer) is: ES-Q2818013A
Address of account holder (UAM): Einstein Street, Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid
Telephone number: +34 91 497 46 89

VERY IMPORTANT: Mention your name, institution  and NANOCOHYBRI2018 on the bank transfer and send a copy of bank receipt by email to

In addition, these participants have to arrange their accommodation as indicated below.


All participants should make the reservation at the site directly, using one of the two available options:

127€ per person/night including full board in single room.

95€ per person/night including full board in shared room.

Write an email to, indicating your preferred option and eventually suggesting the person with which you share the room. In the subject of the email you should indicate “NANOCOHYBRI-2018”. Please also CC

There are two options for paying:

– Payment by bank transfer: The applicable amount should be transferred to Novo Banco IBAN: PT50 0007 0693 0000 2610 0091 7 (SWIFT / BIC: BESCPTPL). The bank transfer proof-slip should be sent to You must also indicate full name, institution and arrival and departure dates.

– Payment by credit card: You must write an email to and indicate full name, institution, arrival and departure dates and give them the details of your credit card (number, expiry date and security code in the back).


The event will be held around the Bom Jesus site, with an astonishing view of the city of Braga. In the hilltop there is the XVIII century sanctuary surrounded by a large park with several gardens, artificial lakes, and other infrastructures.

Conference will take place at the Sala Torre, in the first floor of the Colunata Events and lunch and dinner will be served at the Sala Colunata (except on Monday, where dinner will be served at the Sala Arcada close to the garden of the Hotel Elevador). See

Map of the surroundings of the site

We will arrange different shuttle services depending on the arrival and departure times and will inform you about available options in due course. If none of these suit you, we recommend to use the direct shuttle service GetBus

COST Action and History

The last century left us with the conceptual framework to understand and handle macroscopic quantum coherence. Superconductivity is an established form of macroscopic quantum coherence that surprises regularly the scientific community with new discoveries and has already created new markets thanks to the dissipationless transport of electrical current. We can expect a quantum leap in the societal impact of superconductivity during the coming decades through current carrying applications as well as novel quantum technologies.

The objective of this meeting is to train students in quantum materials and provide a bridge between present and future activities of the groups participating in the Action.

Among the previous collaborative projects, where many of the present participants have been involved, there is a series of Actions within the extinguished ESF scheme (Vortex action, Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity-NES, see and more recently the COST Action on nanoscale superconductivity (MP1201, Nanoscale superconductivity: novel functionalities through optimized confinement of condensate and fields). Within these projects a large set of networking activities have been organized (see These have allowed to configure the presently active COST Action NANOCOHYBRI. We aim now at a step forward, using the obtained experience and making an open and proactive approach towards quantum materials and quantum technologies.


Organizing committee

Szabolcs Csonka (Budapest)
Elvira González (Madrid)
Alicia Gómez (Madrid)
Isabel Guillamón (Madrid)
Gleb Kakazei (Oporto)
Dieter Kölle (WG Leader, Tübingen)
Brigitte Leridon (WG Leader, Paris)
Floriana Lombardi (Goteborg)
Anna Palau (Barcelona)
Jose Gabriel Rodrigo (Madrid)
Hermann Suderow (Chair, Madrid)
Francesco Tafuri (Vice Chair, Napoli)

Local organizing committee

Álvarez Montoya, Rafael
Fernández Lomana, Marta
Herrera, Edwin (coord.)
Martín Vega, Francisco
Sánchez Barquilla, Raquel
Gonzalez Martin, Irene

Scientific committee of the COST Action

Jan Aarts
Yonathan Anahory
Alexandre Bouzdine
Egor Babaev
Petre Badica
Bernardo Barbiellini
Ibrahim Belenli
Chris Bell
Simon Bending
Volodymyr Bevz
Alexei Bezuglyj
Annica Black-Schaffer
Mark Blamire
Johann Blatter
Gavin Burnell
Ioan Adrian Crisan
Szabolcs Csonka
Jeroen Custers
Dimitre Dimitrov
Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy
Ercan Ertekin
Ali Gencer
Milena Georgieva
Jean-Claude Grivel
Isabel Guillamón
Jose Augusto Galvis Echeverri
Pertti Hakonen
Abdou Hassanien
Juha Hassel
Oscar Leonardo Herrera Sandoval
Krsto Ivanović
Victor Kabanov
Gleb Kakazei
Beena Kalisky
Dieter Kölle
Wolfgang Lang
Brigitte Leridon
Chuan Li
Floriana Lombardi
Ivan Maggio-Aprile
Milorad Milosevic
Jovan Mirkovic
Todor Mishonov
Victor Moshchalkov
Evagelia Moshopoulou
Wilson Ortiz
Ryszard Ostaszewski
Traian Petrisor
Anna Palau
Johannes D. Pedarnig
Zuzana Pribulova
Teresa Puig
Jason Robinson
Dimitri Roditchev
Serap Safran
Peter Samuely
Tomas Samuely
Cem Sevik
Valerij Shklovskij
Alejandro Silhanek
Georgios Sirakoulis
Andrii Solovjov
Raivo Stern
Hermann Suderow
Mads Peter Sørensen
Daniela Stornaiuolo
Francesco Tafuri
Joe Thompson
Menachem Tsindlekht
Javier Villegas
Joris Van de Vondel
Ruslan Vovk
Roger Wördenweber
Andrzej Zaleski
Nikolaj Zinner

Grant manager

Irene González Martín (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

For any question, please send send an email to

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